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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The five steps of almost catching your bus

I just realized I forgot to draw those two guys waiting for the bus in picture number three! It looks like they just materialized at the end there. Maybe they did? But I think I just spent something like three or four hours on this and my shoulders feel funny, so hopefully I can just paste them in later.


  1. Actually you should not draw them. You see, they too were running for the bus. They were a bit faster though, they managed to get to bus and see doors closing before their faces. So they had time to clean the bench (it was covered with snow, that's why it was invisible in picture #3) and sit down.

  2. Don't draw them. I like to imagine they are the brothers of the twin girls from The Shining. "Hello Anne. Come and wait for the bus with us. Come and wait with us, Anne. Forever... and ever... and ever.

    1. Oh my God. What happens when the bus doors open in slow motion?

  3. If you run immediate, you'll look dumb because it won't leave for 10 more minutes, if you wait, you'll miss it by THAT much, there is no winning the bus game.