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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I didn't draw a comic but I did draw a girl

I wonder how (some) people manage to cram so many different things into their allotted twenty four hours a day. I come home form work, we cook dinner, eat it, and then suddenly there's just a few hours left before I go to bed so I can get up and spend a huge chunk of the next day devoting myself to the people who pay me money. I've been thinking this a lot lately. If any of you who might read this would like to tell me what you do every day, I would really like that!


  1. I go to my classes, then I eat some junk food. Then I draw silly pictures on the computer. And then my friend comes over and we watch TV, and then I go to bed way too late.
    (I like your blog and your pictures! I don't remember now how I found it, but I'm glad I did.)

  2. I get up super early every day so I can be at work by 7am, lunch around 11, home by 4. Then I watch TV for a bit as background noise, and ponder what to do about dinner. I'll either start dinner, or wait for my boyfriend to get home around 6, and we go to the grocery store and figure it out. Then after dinner, it's either TV with the boyfriend, or knit for a bit, or goof around on the internet, or video games. Then bed early to repeat the whole process. It's small, but it's comfortable.

  3. I don't know how people do it either. Especially because I apparently need 17 hours of sleep per day. Seriously, if I don't set me alarm that's how long I will sleep. And even if I do set it, I will keep hitting the snooze button subconsciously until I wake up at 16.5 hours.

    1. 17 hours! Have you considered the possibility that you might be an owl monkey?

    2. seriously, though, hypersomnia. research that shit.

  4. Ugh, I feel you there. My days are pretty similar to the rest of the commenters. I currently work retail part-time, so on the days that i work from noon-9ish, I wake up around 10 to eat a big breakfast and read my google reader. On the subway and during lunch I read my kindle. When I get back from work I pretty much immediately collapse and beg my boyfriend to feed me.

    On my days off (lately) I am so excited to actually have time off that I've been dedicating a lot of time to my apartment decorating to-do list (moved a month ago). My biggest problem with actually getting things done is that there are so many things I constantly remember I need to do and then promptly forget. Luckily, I recently realized that the giant mirrored closet doors in my dining room area (also my clothing closet so i see it when I get dressed) also function as a dry erase board. Now I write all my to-do's there and it's great, I can never lose the list, and it motivates me to get things done! Also if the weather is good... I will do extra errands just to be outside :)

    Oh, also, Reddit is the thief of time.